Face Mix large

The MAMB's first icon

Finished LOGO 2

The MAMB Teams first logo

Founded in 2012


Though everyone belives that zxin founded The MAMB Team it is in fact Derk who originally founded The Team, although he was unable to do anything with the idea so he gave the idea to zxin who then became the leader from then on


The MAMB has had a couple of different logos with different styles in the past, one was text with a font, and another was an amatuer drawing by zxin. The first Icon was named 'Face Mix' and consisted of a low-res picture of all The MAMB's members at that point


The MAMB Team was originally called GO or GO - Gameover, it wasn't untill Derk gave the idea to zxin that the name was changed and the site moved. zxin then recruited others to help him run the site and he formed a team with them, the name was inspired by 'MAMBA Burgers' a franchise present in Black Books series 1 episdoe 6 which Bernard has a brief job for, zxin invented the acronym Me And My Buddies then and later made it the title for the website and team

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